Hi, my name is Lucas.

I am bi-national Ph.D. student at the Colorado State University in Fort Collins and the HCI Group at University of Würzburg researching notifications in Augmented Reality. Below you can find some of my projects.


VRST 23 in Christchurch NZ

A big part of my PhD happened during the pandemic, so I was more than thrilled to present my paper for the first time in front of a live audience at ACM VRST 23 in Christchurch New Zealand. The people there were so incredibly welcoming and the country was one of the most beautiful places I have ever gotten the pleasure to be in. The conference was an amazing experience, and I met so many great researchers.


Poster at ISMAR

Taking place in Singapore in 2022, I was lucky to be able to present my poster anda demo about notification placement in AR at the ISMAR conference. The conference was very interesting and Singapore was an incredible country, that I plan to go back to as soon as I can.


Master Thesis

Human error accounts for the majority of patient safety issues in intensive health care. I looked at using Augmented Reality in anesthetic inductions to aid anesthesiologists in surgery and increase their user experience, implicitly increasing patient safety. For that I implemented an AR patient monitoring system and evaluated it with senior anesthesiologists in a simulation study.

AugmentedReality Unity Research

VR Hackathon Winner

During my time at the Colorado State University I participated in a Virtual Reality Hackathon sponsored by HP. My team and I placed first in the competition.

VirtualReality Hackathon

Internship at Colorado State University

From September 2019 until Mid-December 2019, I worked for Dr. Francisco Ortega at his Lab for Natural User Interfaces (NUILab) in Fort Collins at Colorado State University. There, acting as a research scholar, I developed a multi-user colocated application to research collaborative work tasks in Augmented Reality.

AugmentedReality Unity

Machine Learning

We implemented a neural network from the ground up for detecting and differentiating between gestures. For this we recorded gestures with a Kinect and annotated the recorded videos with the performed gestures. Those gestures were then supposed to be used to control an image viewer, but because we thought that was a bit boring we implemented a short game in Unity to show off our gestures.

NeuralNetworks Gestures MachineLearning Unity

Bachelors Thesis

In my bachelors thesis I implemented several 3D text input methods for virtual reality applications and conducted a user study comparing the different methods regarding speed, error rate and usability.

VirtualReality Unity Research

CentiGrade Internship

During my internship at Centigrade GmbH in Munich, I dedicated most of my time to 3D design-engineering. I gathered a lot of experience with developing for the Microsoft Hololens and wrote a blog post regarding art styles in 3D as co-author.

AugmentedReality Unity

Breaking Bad Behaviour

In my bachelors project I worked on the interactive Virtual Reality training-simulation called "Breaking Bad Behavior".

VirtualReality Education